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Lubitza 2 klippet bred.jpg

Lubitza Hanuska Vesterdal

Tlf. 2886 5560

I am a teacher in Transcendental Meditation. I have been meditating since I was 12 years and I startet to teach meditation already when I was 17. I have been teaching TM since 2012, and I already did teach TM more than 400 people. I am teaching TM in Denmark, in Copenhagen and Allerød, and also occasionally in Slovakia.

I am educated as physiotherapist and psychotherapist, with bachelor in psychology.

A course in Transcendental Meditation consists of an Introductory Lecture
(1½ hour) and 4 meetings of about 1½ hours each. There is also a possibility for several  free follow-up meetings (can be on phone or Skype).

Dates for Introductory Lectures about Transcendental Meditation in danish (in Copenhagen or Allerød) you can see on my danish pages. Please, contact me for dates for English Intro Lectures and for English Courses. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards



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